LG launches “Care and Delight” bus


LG Electronics and Metro Plc launched an after-sales service center in Ethiopia through the “Care and Delight” bus on Wednesday March 27, 2013.
With an investment of 2 million birr, the two companies unveiled the “Care and Delight” bus, which is a moving repair center.
“LG has always placed customer satisfaction at the core of its initiatives,” stated Riyadh Yusuf, Marketing Manager of Metro Plc, speaking at the launching ceremony.
The “Care and Delight” bus, which is stated to be an exclusive concept, aims to save customers time and effort by bringing after-sales service facilities to their doorsteps free of cost.
“At LG and Metro we constantly look at ways to enhance and improve our customer service experience. Our goal is to provide products that lead to a happier and better life and this requires innovation, not just in product development, but also in the way they are serviced and maintained,” said Riyadh.
The bus is equipped with a work station where LG experts work on products customers fetch in to be serviced, a sitting area as well as a section where first aid is available.
“Through LG’s Care and Delight mobile service center, our customers will benefit from a service that eliminates the time and effort they would normally spend visiting a permanently situated service center or in scheduling appointments. This is instrumental to increasing satisfaction and loyalty levels,” Riyadh stated.
Also speaking at the launching event was Abdullahi Abubaker, Owner of Metro Plc, who stated that this new service will help build further the relationship people have with the LG brand.
In keeping with LG’s dedication to the environment, it was stated that the bus will be powered by electricity generated from the LG solar cell battery system installed on the roof of the vehicle, striking a balance between functionality and environmental responsibility.
The specially designed “Care and Delight” bus initially will be providing services in Addis Ababa when called upon, but the two companies stated that in the near future they will be investing in other buses that will be dispatched throughout the country to extend services to its customers in remote areas.
“We will go directly to our customers throughout towns, cities and rural areas where customer services are lacking. Apart from the convenience and efficiency, consumers can also enjoy additional promotions and special offers,” Riyadh explained.
LG and Metro currently have 19 brand shops throughout Ethiopia and three permanent service centers in Addis Ababa.