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Name: Kasaye Mengistu
Education: High school diploma
Company name: Fert Tibeb Plc
Studio title: General Manager
Founded:  2010

What it does: Designing and selling traditional clothes 
HQ: Hayahulet, around St. Gabriel Hospital   
Number of Employees: Eighteen

Startup capital:    50,000 Birr
Current capital:   500,000 Birr

Reason for starting business: The freedom of being my own boss    
Biggest plus of ownership: You will be able to have a better income, meet a lot of people and create job opportunities to others 
Biggest strength: I am very dedicated. I don’t waste my time doing meaningless and unnecessary things  
Biggest weakness: I don’t have any weakness that I know of so far
Biggest worry: There is lack of creative input from my employees and inspiring them is very challenging
Favorite task: Designing  
Most challenging task: Weaving and knitting
Plan: To expand my business to an industry level
First Career: As a sewer for a private company    
Most interested in meeting: Daniel Kibret and talk about Ethiopia and Ethiopianism
Most admired person: Daniel Kibret, for his interesting and genuine ideas about his country and the people
Stress reducer: Reading books
Favorite past time: I always enjoy being at home with my family   
Favorite Book:  ‘Tebita Mar’
Favorite Destination: Any historical places in Ethiopia 
Favorite Automobile: Toyota
Favorite Film:  ‘Wusane’ an Amharic movie