UN desirous to work with Ethiopia in fighting terrorism


UN Special Envoy to Mali, Romano Prodi expressed UN’s desire to work in collaboration with Ethiopia in the efforts to fight terrorism in Africa.
After holding talks with Prime Minister Hailemariam Dessalegn on April 5th in Addis Ababa, Prodi told reporters that the UN is keen to work with Ethiopia, which has a stable government, in the fight against terrorism.
Prodi lauded Ethiopia’s efforts to maintain peace and security in Somalia in particular as well as in other neighboring countries. He further said that Ethiopia is exemplary to other African countries in that it is registering rapid economic growth.
PM Hailemariam on his part said Ethiopia is providing support to neighboring countries to help them maintain peace and security. Being the current Chair of the African Union, Ethiopia would work in collaboration with AU member countries to ensure peace and stability in Mali, he said.