Benyam Desbel


Name: Benyam Desbel
Education: BA in Culinary Arts
Company name: Benjas Kitchen & Catering
Studio title: Owner/Head chef
Founded: 2010

What it does: Serves traditional and foreign dishes, specializing in Mexican food
HQ: Near Bole Medhanealem
Number of employees: 6
Startup capital:    3,000 Birr
Current capital:   Growing


Reason for starting business: I love cooking and therefore opened a business to fulfill my desire
Biggest plus of ownership: Being able to help my fellow Ethiopians by providing jobs and making good money     
Biggest strength: Dedication to what I do and teaching others about my profession
Biggest weakness: Don’t know if I have one so far, but I think other people who know me are more qualified to answer this question
Biggest worry: Shortage of spices and necessary equipment worries me a lot
Favorite task: Barbequing
Most challenging task: Handling people when providing catering services
Plan: To open a bigger restaurant
First career: Working in a supermarket
Most interested in meeting: The best chef in Addis
Most admired person: Haile Gebreselassie
Stress reducer: Talking to my mother and going to church
Favorite pastime: Reading books and watching movies
Favorite book: Jack & Jill by Louisa May Alcott
Favorite destination: Hawassa
Favorite film: Madagascar
Favorite automobile: Mercedes Benz S500