Wherever one looks, the ways of the old are fast losing ground, however hard benefitting interests try to maintain them. We will only look at a couple of institutions that are undergoing severe strain and stress. Like several others, these two also served as major pillars of the prevailing modern world system. The organizations of public education and finance will be the focus of our attention for the day. During the last couple of centuries these institutions became universal fixtures of modern societies. Consequently, they ended up becoming, (not-so-inadvertently) not only boringly homogeneous and stifling, but also deceitful to collective social wellbeing.

Long before education became a factory like production center (of skilled workers, both mental and physical) for the larger economy, it was without a doubt, one of the most liberating institutions ever designed by humanity. It helped produce stuff, material as well as non-material and helped alleviate toil and sufferings long associated with our species, anthropomorphically speaking. Currently however, a whole lot of knowledge is used, by and large, to further the desire of the privileged status quo; good or bad, sustainable or not. By incentivizing the whole process, the status quo also managed to subjugate, the so-called elite/educated class, into complete (almost) submission.
For example knowledge of climate change is considered immaterial/insignificant in the scheme of prevailing status quo. From the perspective of these entities the impending climate change that is going to be detrimental to human life on earth is just another trivial issue not worth considering! In this modern era, excessive greed seems to have won over life itself! In short, knowledge is not considered knowledge (even a scientific one) if it tries to defy establishment doctrines. Refusal to go along with such obvious indoctrination will obviously not get one a tenured position in the universities or elsewhere. One can regard misinformation as a subset of such systemic indoctrination. The only difference being; educational indoctrination is more structured and lasting, while misinformation is event oriented and temporal. Nonetheless, ‘truth soldiers’ are fighting back against the doctrines of the formidably established adversaries. See Assange’s recent release on page 41.
Inquisitive people are finally but gradually refusing to take in these universal systems of misinformation/indoctrination that pass as news and education wholesale! Avant-gardes have already started to entertain different systems of education, which are oriented more towards truth finding in various subject matters/issues. Home schooling is one option a number of people have already opted for. See Ron Paul’s proposal on page 41, which has been around, (in one form or another) for a while now. 
Currencies were used to facilitate exchanges of goods/services in the business of trade/investments, etc., between various parties (economies/peoples of the world.) In times past, currency (as money) also served as a store of value, particularly when it was hinged to tangible assets like gold, silver, etc. Again this system facilitated healthy economic growth and achieved a whole lot in terms of better standard of living to a good portion of humanity. Like the killing of the goose that laid the golden eggs however, the scheme gradually became a victim of its own successes. It was abused so much by the power that be and its accomplices, (operators within the real economy) it systematically/aggressively reinforced wasteful/useless and unsustainable investments, mostly sponsored by parasites feeding on the achievements of wealth creators. Naturally the facilitators of such schemes were the obvious culprits against whom the world is now up in arms-the banksters and their freeloaders within the private sector and the state at large. See Hightower’s article on page 40.
As it stands, we are fast approaching the day of reckoning and the rulers of the system seem to have no clue as to how to deal with the ongoing crisis and impending catastrophe. Enter new initiatives devised by prudent/hardworking souls who are determined to stop the parasites from continuously abusing and diluting the prevailing currencies on which the majority of people in the world depend on for various transactions, business or otherwise. Bitcoin is one such concoction that is now gaining currency amidst a world of phony money. In fact, there are now quite several currencies in the offing in the various economies/countries; Spain, UK, USA, etc. These initiatives are meant to essentially discourage loss of value of a currency due to free printing by banksters with the open acquiescence of central banks. SeeTucker’s article next column.
Here is a warning foretold by an American original long before the above banking malaise became epidemic. “If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of all property until their children wake up homeless on the continent their Fathers conquered… I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies… Thomas Jefferson (the 3rd President of the USA.) Good Day!