New entities to boost the tourism sector


Three new entities, Tourism Transformation Agency (TTA), Tourism Council and Tourism Board, will be established with the aim of boosting the tourism sector in the country.
The new draft regulation for the formation of TTA, Tourism council and Tourism board is to be tabled for the Council of Ministers for approval..
The regulation that aims to accelerate investment in the tourism sector as well as alleviate the problems the sector faces is expected to be ratified before the end of this budget year.
According to the draft document, the transformation council will be chaired by the Prime Minister and Minister of Culture and Tourism will be deputy chair, while the Director of the agency  will be assigned as secretary. Relevant ministry  offices, city government officials, regional administrations and the high official from Ethiopian Airlines will also be included in the council. From the private sector President of the Ethiopian Tour Operators Association, President of Hotels and Restaurant Employers Association, President of the Ethiopian Chamber of Commerce and Sectoral Association, and private investors and prominent personalities will also be included in the council as members.
The council will follow up on the development and marketing of tourist destinations and attractions as well as try to  solve problems  the sector is currently facing.
The council will also give relevant strategic directions to the tourism board which  will be established under this regulation. According to the draft regulation, the establishment of the council aims to harmonize the sector’s development.
The regulation indicates  that a general assembly will be held every six months.
The new draft regulation also mentioned about the formation of the tourism transformation board that will give equal seat for both government and private sectors and it undertake its activities based on the council’s directions.
The board will also oversee the general duties and activities of TTA. The tourism board will meet every three months.
Part four of the regulation states that the agency that is to be formed  will be an independent federal office and responsible for the board.
The regulation indicates that the agency that will seat in the capital shall open branches in and outside of the country.
Tourism destination development and tourism marketing based on the country’s natural, historical, cultural and other attractions on the harmonization and leading sector stakeholders will be the duty of the new organization. The agency that will be a secretariat for the council and the board is expected to boost the sector development that shall compete on the international level and promote the country tourism potential locally and internationally.
Based on this, the agency will undertake most of the duties that was controlled at the ministry office, while giving more attention for the sector than the previous period.
According to the information obtained from MoCT, the stakeholders will discuss on the draft regulation in the coming weeks before  approval by the Council of Ministers. 
By the end of the Growth and Transformation Plan (GTP) the government targeted to earn three billion dollar from about 300 million dollar in the beginning of the GTP.
In several occasions the private sector and relevant offices were suggesting the formation of public private body that can handle the sector development closely.
The formation of tourism board and council was also recommended by the new study that was presented at the Public Private Consultative Forum held on Monday April 8.