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‘Plans to drill 3 exploration wells’

The results of the Competent Persons Report (CPR), commissioned by SouthWest Energy, a leading indigenous oil and gas company, was announced in regards to the prospective oil resources in the Gambella and Jijiga Basins.  SouthWest Energy indicated that the report was prepared by an independent consultant, Senergy (GB) Limited, for the company’s  Gambella basin block (an extension of the large oil producing Melut basin in South Sudan) and blocks 9A, 9 and 13 in the Jijiga basin (a part of the Ogaden basin in Ethiopia).
“I am very pleased to announce the results of the CPR by Senergy, which I consider a significant step forward for our company and a strong validation of our work to date,” Tewodros Ashenafi, Chairman and CEO of SouthWest Energy, commented on the press release on Thursday. “The report confirms what we have always believed; our blocks have strong oil potential. Our work now turns to the next phase of exploration, to further refine the seismic data set and look towards our well programme, which we hope to commence later this year,” the Ethiopian-born CEO added. According to the press release, the issuance of the report and its results was welcomed by Sinkinesh Ejigu, Minister of Mines.
“I am pleased to note the release of this important report by the Ethiopian oil and gas exploration company, SouthWest Energy. I congratulate the company and wish it every success in the next important step it takes in the quest to find onshore oil in our country,” she said.
According to the company statement, the CPR concluded that the potential of the Gambella and Jijiga basins as having a best estimate of prospective oil resources of 1.56 billion barrels and a high of 2.9 billion barrels of oil. “This estimate is based on 16 potential traps within SWE’s approximately 29,000km2 in blocks 9A, 9 and 13 (out of the wider Basin’s total acreage of 367,000km2 ) and 8 traps within the 17,000km2 in the Gambella Basin. Senergy has determined SWE’s blocks to be the frontier, but potentially high-reward oil exploration acreage,” the statement indicated.
“The CPR notes that drilling and exploration activity is increasing in the East Africa region. The work done and data collected so far in the Jijiga Basin have given a strong indication of a working petroleum system. The Gambella basin, on the other hand, is an extension of the oil producing Cretaceous Melut basin of South Sudan. The play here is clastic sediments sourced from lacustrine shales,” it explained. The company added that SWE plans to drill three initial exploration wells in the Jijiga basin during the course of 2013 and 2014.
The Gambella Block database comprises of reconnaissance seismic data, information from the two wells drilled to date in the licence and surface geochemical data evaluation results.
The Jijiga seismic database in Blocks 9A, 9 and 13 comprises of an approximately 10km grid spacing comprised of 1,500km of 2D seismic data acquired by SWE in 2011/2012 together with older 2D data acquired in 1992 by Maxus. A Full Tensor Gradiometer (FTG) survey with a grid spacing of 2x2km, the first of its kind in Ethiopia, was also acquired and has been integrated with the seismic data, gravity and magnetic data, geochemical analysis of surface samples and results from exploration wells drilled in the adjacent Ogaden basin.
CPR Methodology
Senergy prepared the CPR in accordance with the 2007 and 2011 Petroleum Resources Management System (PRMS) prepared by the Oil and Gas Reserves Committee of the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE), was reviewed and jointly sponsored by the World Petroleum Council (WPC), the American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG) and the Society of Petroleum Evaluation Engineers (SPEE).
The CPR provides an independent evaluation of oil resource potential attributable to the Gambella Basin and blocks 9A, 9 and 13 in the Jijiga Basin.  A play level evaluation has been used by Senergy to assess the conceptual resource potential of the blocks using the database supplied by SWE and information on analogous basins published by the US Geological Survey.