Residents, city gov’t discuss good governance


The second city-wide good governance public discussion forum where Addis residents from all sub-cities took part was held on April 11, 2013.
On the occasion, a one-month performance report on the overall activities of the Addis Ababa City Government was presented. Following the report, city residents discussed and raised various questions on the city’s social, economic and good governance problems to the city’s officials.
The major questions raised were about the extreme drinking water shortage and outages in some parts of the city, shortage in the distribution of sugar and wheat, transportation problem, housing development and construction and the likes.
Consequently, concerned government officials responded to questions directed at their respective institutions. City Mayor Kuma Demeksa said that the comments and complaints of the public will be included in the city’s plan to address the problems.
Regarding water, the Mayor noted that water has been the major issue for Addis residents and the city government has given due emphasis to resolving the problem.
Mainly, he said, the government has been striving to utilize underground water sources across the city.
According to Kuma, the major reason for the water shortage is the supply-demand imbalance. He said that the potable water produced in the city is consumed by every sector. “Unlike other cities, the potable water produced is consumed both as drinking water and by various industries, mainly the construction sector,” Kuma added.
He also noted that the government has been allocating one billion birr annually for the city’s water development, and two new water projects are well under way, which are believe to improve the situation.
(Walta Information Center)