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Have you ever wanted to learn different Ethiopian languages but was too sluggish to actually go out and look for schools? Maybe, you just don’t seem to have the time to attend actual classes or you are just not able to afford it.
For these kinds of situations self-study books do really come in handy. If you are the kind of person that can absorb languages more easily, and if you are persistent and determined, then these kinds of books are really good tools to learning new languages you are interested in.
K. Sekhar, an Indian working and living in Ethiopia, has published several books on Ethiopian history as well as the language. Now, he has come up with self-study books for learning Amharic, Tigrigna, Afan Oromo, Nuer, Hadiya and Kafi Noono. The author stated that he wanted to publish the books because self-interest, then developed an interest in breaking the language barriers between communities, establishing further communication between Ethiopia and the rest of the world as well as to address the need for such books.
“Self-interest propelled me to embark on this endeavour the day I landed in Ethiopia,” says K. Sekhar.
He also said that he himself had trouble finding adequate numbers of books on the stated languages, leading him to produce the books.
“There is a massive influx of foreigners into this country to visit tourist sites, to establish industries or to understand and study the culture of Ethiopia, but they are unable to find books on most of the Ethiopian native languages,” said K. Sekhar.
Other than publishing books on Ethiopian languages, the writer also published several other books on the Hindi and English languages as well as on other subjects such as business communication, human resources management and human resource abstraction and practices.
K. Sekhar, who made up his mind that “Self-help is the best help”, speaks six languages of which one is Amharic.