Debutant Lelisa won Boston, Messeret finishes runner up


Although the bright sunny day was marred by an atrocious terrorist bombing claiming three lives, including that of an eight year old boy, and 146 were injured out of which seventeen were serious, Ethiopian Lelisa Dissasa was crowned champion of the 117th Boston Marathon. It was a full-house athletics stars’ event and rife with tactical maneuvers and counter-maneuvers from which the Ethiopian debutant Lelisa burst out to cross the finishing line first and unexpectedly. At the twenty-mile mark, five strong athletes were leading the crowd, with the ultimate winner still out of the picture. Three miles later, Lelisa came from behind, with a stunning surge and joined the front runners, Kenyan Micah Kogo and New York Marathon winner Gebre Egziabher G/Mariam. The three stayed together until half a mile to the finishing line and Lelisa charged forward with astonishing speed leaving the rest, who could hardly respond in kind. The athlete, who was victorious at the Dubai Marathon in January clocking 2:04:45, did it again by winning his second Marathon in 2:10:22, with Kenyan Kogo second in 2:10:27, followed by G/Egziabher G/Mariam a second behind.
A full six years since her first Boston win in 2006, no one expected Rita Jeptoo to win until her commanding presence was felt past the half-way mark. Felix was the first to test the waters by creating a four-mile gap before Jeptoo decided to chase the leader close behind world Half Marathon champion Ethiopian Messeret Hailu and defending champion Sharon Cherop. Felix dropped out, but by that time Jeptoo was in the clear, to pick up her second title. The Kenyan, who featured a strong comeback after half a dozen years, clocked 2:26:25 to win the day with first-time in Boston Marathon participant Messeret Hailu second in 2:26:58, followed by Sharon in 2:27:01into third place.