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Dancing is an art form. As there are a variety of cultures across the globe, so there are of dances. It is usually performed as a form of emotional expression, social interaction or exercise, within a spiritual setting or as in a performance on a stage where it is sometimes used to express ideas or tell a story.

Dancing is one of several ways of communicating in a non-verbal way. While some people take up dancing as a career, others take it up as a hobby or as a source of entertainment.
The many styles and genres of dancing include the African dance, which is mostly interpretative and expressive. Ballet, ballroom and tango are classical dance styles. Square dance and electric slide are forms of step dance, and break dance is a type of street dancing. Shiferaw Tariku is a Dancer, Teacher and Choreographer. He has been trained by European and African dance instructors in Contemporary and Traditional African and Ethiopian dancing for five years and received his Diploma from Middlesex University in 2001.
He has been working on these types of dances for more than 15 years and has specialized and gained extensive experience especially in the traditional forms of Ethiopian dancing. Shiferaw works with Adugna Community Dance and Theater Company, the only contemporary dance company in Ethiopia, founded in 1996.
Currently, he teaches dancing and choreography in various places and gives lessons on Contemporary dance (European style), African Contemporary and Traditional Dances and Ethiopian Traditional dances.
Shiferaw conducts classes at the Italian Cultural Institute.