Tsehay G/Meskel


Name: Tsehay G/Meskel
Education: 8th Grade
Company name: Elias Cake
Studio title: Manager
Founded: In 1993
What it does: Serves soft drinks, juices, cakes, coffee and tea
HQ: Piassa, Arada Building

Number of Employees: Four

Startup capital: 100,000 Birr
Current capital: Growing

Reason for starting business: Having my own business makes me independent, while I’m also able to support my family   
Biggest plus of ownership: It gives you the chance to work hard without limit and reap the benefits for yourself. It makes you economically independent 
Biggest strength: I am a hard working woman. I have always loved working
Biggest weakness: I don’t know it yet
Biggest worry: I don’t have too many worries. What I always think about first is my work and my family
Favorite task: I enjoy everything I do 
Most challenging task: Serving the Public is a bit challenging as different people have different interests and you will be a bit worried how to entertain those different interests
Plan: I want to continue with what I am doing right now. I am very much happy with it even though business these days is becoming tougher
First Career: I was a housewife
Most interested in meeting: No one in particular
Most admired person: There are a lot of people whom I admire. But I can’t think of one right now – maybe because there are several of them
Stress reducer: Sharing my problems with my family
Favorite past time: I don’t usually have time for leisurely activities, but when I have time once in a while, I love spending it with my family   
Favorite Book: I don’t read books
Favorite Destination: Nowhere in particular  
Favorite Automobile: There are many cars that I like; therefore, it’s difficult to choose one
Favorite Film: I don’t watch movies as I have a lot to do at work and at home