Lifan presents Sewnet with 620 Model


On Thursday, April 18, Lifan Motors presented the Lifan-620, the four-door saloon car the company introduced into the Ethiopian market, to Sewnet Bishaw, Coach of the Ethiopian National team, the Waliyas, for his achievement in successfully taking the team to the African Cup of Nations in South Africa after a 31 year absence. The coach, who had a run in with supporters of Ethiopian Coffee, said he was very pleased to have received the car.  Sewnet said that he believes in hard work which led him to this achievement and he, with his team, will continue to work hard to entertain Ethiopian football fans by achieving results. “Our players have the potential to compete, not only on the continent, but also to achieve good results internationally if they work hard,” he informed Capital. “They have learned that they have the potential and are committed to setting a better record.” 
The Coach, who was directly and indirectly involved in the achievement of excellent results the country had realized recently, said he has received land, money and car. Lifan had previously presented a car to Messele Mengistu, the famous radio commentator, twice.  Established in Ethiopia on December 9, 2009 with an initial investment capital of USD 1.5 million, Lifan is striving to become the leader in the Ethiopian vehicle market, while contributing to social activities like sports and charities.