‘Sorry, the network is busy now’


Do you remember those good old days when everybody just used land lines to communicate with each other and there weren’t annoying voices telling you: “the person you are trying to reach is unavailable” or “the number you dialed is invalid”, and of course there is the “sorry, the network is busy now, please try again.”
Yes, cell phones maybe one of the most important gadgets in the world, but those little things can drive a person off the wall, especially if there isn’t decent network reception. The number one point of owning a cell phone is to reach a person at anytime of the day. You don’t have to wait at home until somebody calls; you certainly don’t have to wonder where they are at a particular moment in time since you know their cell phone is with them wherever they go and they are within reach.

These days though, it seems like a different story. The ethio telecom mobile network has been an issue for a while now. Many people have complained and moaned that they are unable to make or receive calls due to bad reception.
I know we have lived through times where there were no cell phones and calling anybody whenever we want to or texting was something no one ever dreamed about, but now that we have gotten used to these tiny things that we carry around everywhere we go, we suddenly can’t imagine life without them.
Having a problem with cell reception is not an easy thing. In a world that is moving at a fast pace and waits for nobody to catch up, cellphones play a very significant role in our lives. Actually it wouldn’t be farfetched to say that our lives pretty much depend on them.
One of the most important things in many people’s lives is work. Now-a-days, working doesn’t necessarily mean sitting in an office and doing paper work and holding meetings. A lot of work is done over the phone.
When you look around, in the streets, in cafes, in a taxi and basically everywhere else, people are perpetually on their phone hustling for their daily bread.  Yes, we have gotten to the point that if we forget our mobile phone at home, we will feel like we are missing a part of ourselves the whole day.
These small devices have controlled and continue to control our lives. They make so many things easier for us, and when we suddenly can’t use them as we want, we get upset.
It is very common to see people dialing away and then complain and curse because they were not able to get through to the person they wanted to reach. The voice of the person on the other end of the line telling you that you can’t reach the person doesn’t make things easier. It just makes you even more annoyed than you most probably already are.
So what is the solution for this inconvenience? I don’t have the technical knowhow of how things work at the telecom company; I have no idea how the network works and I certainly don’t necessarily have to. All I know is that I want this phase of intermittent network coverage and poor reception to be over with so I can go back to dialing away without any problems.
By saying this I’m not in any way indicating that nothing is being done to correct the problem; I’m sure somebody is working hard to fix the problem we are having so we will not have to deal with the inconvenience forever. What I’m saying is that I wish they would hurry up and be done with it.
Mobil network problems are not anything new; it happens all over the world and we need to keep in mind that we have come a long way from using land lines to actually using a cell phone. We need to be patient, but it doesn’t have to be forever. The internet problem on the other hand is way worse for me. Even though we are not as attached to it as we are to cell phones, it is still a pain in you know where. Again, a lot of transaction is being done via e-mail; it has become a necessity to have an e-mail address to function in the business world.
It is not like years ago, where everybody just used the post office or fax to receive and send information; the internet enables you to send and receive information within a matter of seconds, and seconds are what really matters in today’s world.
Having bad cell reception and a bad internet connection is like adding assault to injury. Now that is something you can start complaining about; it is completely valid.