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Here comes the 7th edition of the Addis international documentary film festival organized by Initiative Africa to deliver a hugely diverse array of compelling documentaries, instructive workshops and panels, and other special events for its audience.
‘BRIDGING THE GAP’ is this year’s theme; after seven years, it really does seem like each year keeps getting better and better. 
As usual, the films Initiative Africa picked for this year play an integral part in our day-to-day lives; whether it is about social issues or ourselves, we will be learning a lot from these very diverse yet entertaining documentaries. This year, Initiative Africa is presenting more than 70 films, including short and feature documentaries, submitted by film makers from 46 countries. ‘The silent chaos’ by Antonio Spanio, ‘The suffering grasses’ by Lara Lee, ‘Becoming a man among the Borena’, by Jean Queyart and ‘Mama illegal’ by Ed Moschitz are among the films.
So, if you have some free time, or need a break from an ‘end of the day’ workload, then come and experience the art of documentary films. Take a chance and watch something new; you may be surprised how much there is to learn, how many places there are to see and new people to meet.
The festival is also featured on face book and twitter.