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Joyful life charity organization was established last year by humanitarian Seblewongel Bekele.

Seblewongel, 30, returned to Ethiopia from Italy last year and started helping 6 kids by herself. Currently, the organization she established, Joyful Life Charity, is supporting 60 kids who have lost their parents to HIV/AIDS, among which 8 are HIV positive, by raising the required funds from foreign donors residing in Italy and charitable Ethiopians to support children in need. Joyful Life Charity provides food, uniforms and other necessary school supplies to such kids around Nefas Silk, Lafto and Arada sub cities every three months. Most of the kids aged 4 to 14, who are receiving support from the organization, live with relatives. About 10 orphans are taken care of in a temporary Kebele house.  The organization prepared a recreation and lunch program for the kids on Wednesday at ‘Anbessa Gibi’, a zoo and recreational park around the Sidist Kilo area. Seblewongel, who applies herself to her charity works diligently, employs social workers and is aided by young volunteers. She said that she was grateful to see the kids having fun cavorting along the park and watching the wild animals in the zoo.
Among the kids who Seblewongel and her charity organization take care of, there is an autistic child and a kid with mental problems. She said that she is doing her utmost to get these kids into a facility or center for autistic children where they can receive the proper care they deserve, because Joyful Life currently doesn’t have the required facilities and expertise to do that for them.
Seblewongel’s future plans include the expansion of her charity organization to take care of a lot of kids and orphans in need in Ethiopia by employing qualified staff and using volunteers  equipped with what is required to cater to each child’s individual needs. Currently, she has completed a feasibility study to set up a health center, a school and a water wheel recreational facility in Hosanna, southern Ethiopia. After realizing this objective, she said her next project will be in the area of providing support to women and children in remote areas and regions of the country who don’t have the luxury of clean water facilities or are exposed to severe water shortage and don’t have services of a health center around their areas.