Coffee & Dedebit doing above expectations?


Head Coach Abraham T/Haimanot’s sudden departure from Dedebit FC or Tsegaye K/Mariams’s three months absence from Ethiopian Coffee to attend a coaching course outside the country appeared to have a positive effect on the clubs.
With four wins, one draw and one defeat, Coffee collected 13 points from the past six matches and is currently second on the league’s table with 30 points thanks to former Assistant  Coach Khalid Mohammed.
Whether he resigned or sacked, the absence of Abraham appeared to be a blessing in disguise for Dedebit who  won all four out of four matches  under  care taker Coach Negussie Desta. Dedebit is leading the table with 39 points followed by Coffee with six points behind. Both sides are doing great despite missing their Head Coaches. Unlike other countries,  Ethiopian football is more about  the  players rather than the coaches. In other countries, it is the other way around. Ferguson comes to one’s mind when  Manchester United is mentioned or Arsene Wenger in case of Arsenal.
According to one critic, since most premier league clubs are playing traditional rather than coach influenced tactical play, the absence or change of coaches makes insignificant difference in their performance.
As  for Dedebit, the critic believes that the players ganged up on Abraham  when he pushed out the squad’s strong comradeship. “With four wins including 3-1 victory over Saint George, you can see what a strong dedication and commitment the players have,” the critic suggested.
This scenario could be a case that shows that Ethiopian football leans  more towards to traditional ways than a sophisticated tactical approach.  This means we are far behind the world football and are hardly near to catching up.
Ethiopian football appears to prioritize keeping the team’s spirit intact and be in peace with the players rather than focusing on sophisticated  individual and team tactic approch. So, Can one say Tsegaye’s absence is really a blessing in disguise to Ethiopian Coffee? Readers argument about this issue is well come.