Heart to Heart from Addis to Rome

The term “It’s a small world” is now even more relevant than ever. Another term, “fast lane”, is also quite pertinent in a world that is constantly changing at a fast pace.
“Heart to Heart”, an exhibition by different artists from Addis Ababa and Rome, Italy opened its doors to the public on the 24th of April at the National Theater Art Gallery. The exhibition, which will remain open until May 7th, has on display pieces that are about the world we live in and how it has become much more interdependent. It tries to express the process of globalization and its effect on societies. The exhibition celebrates the positive relationships between the two cities through the sharing of visually expressed ideas about crucial issues, such as the environment.
“Everything is rapidly changing. Going back to neighborhoods we grew up in is like going to a new place, these days. The impact of these changes and the imposition on the environment is upsetting the balance of the future,” the artists stated.
The Curator of the exhibition is Meskerem Assegued, and the exhibition features five artists from Italy and six from Ethiopia. The list includes Tesfaye Bekele, Andrea Aquilanati, Kebre Ab Demeke, Roberto Falconieri and others.
The art pieces are displayed as a form of communication; there is a visual conversation between paintings, drawings, photographs and video installations of the two dynamic cities, said the organizers.
It is their hope that audiences will also be engaged in this dialogue, so I suggest you go and visit the exhibits and become a part of the visual conversation.