Obama to visit Africa, US Secretary of State affirms


President Barack Obama “will travel” to Africa, US Secretary of State John Kerry declared Wednesday in remarks to a US congressional committee.
According to Africa Review, Kerry offered no details regarding the timing and itinerary of the trip.
As concern grows in Washington about China’s role in sub-Saharan Africa, pressure has been mounting for President Obama to pay more direct attention to the continent.
The first African-American President spent less than one day in Black Africa during his first visit in office four years ago. President Obama had made a stopover in Ghana six months after his inauguration in January 2009.
Secretary Kerry last week announced that he will attend the African Union summit in Ethiopia next month.
“We have a lot to do” in regard to US-Africa relations, Kerry added in his comments to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.
“China is now significantly out-investing the United States in Africa,” he told the senators.

(Africa Review)