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New Generation University College (NGUC) organised a workshop on Scientific Research and Academic Excellence

in higher learning institutions in collaboration with an Inter-African-German Research Group on Friday. The organisers said that the workshop was about promoting scientific research in higher education institutions to enhance their role in the area of sustainable development in the overall national development and transformation of Ethiopia.
“What is the role of academic quality and excellence in research? How do they help in sustaining the national development and transformation program? was the focal point of the workshop,” Matthew  Gichile Tura (PhD), President of NGUC, said.
SUNARPA (Sustainable Use of Natural Resources and Peace in Pastoralist Areas in Africa) comprises of an African and German research team from several universities in Africa and Germany, while several other institutions are also members, including the African Union (AU) and Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD).
From Ethiopia, NGUC is a member of SUNARPA and now Addis Ababa University (AAU) has joined the group which focuses on natural resource management in agriculture and pastoralist areas.
According to the organisers, the event included a number of topics addressed by six speakers from Khartoum University, Sudan, the AAU, Niger and the German Technical University. Invited guests from the AU, Ethiopian government institutions and various private and state universities attended the event held at the Ghion Hotel.
At the workshop, NGUC’s president said that the role of private higher education institutions in Ethiopia was evaluated in regards to the contributions they can make to the development of the country.
According to the president, the workshop plays a significant role in initiating the undertaking of several valuable researches. 
“We have to encourage higher education institutes in conducting research that can change the situation in the country. We have to create the culture and support research capabilities,” he said.
The workshop revolved around three elements; scientific research, inauguration of a private academic journal and consultations on a new curriculum for ‘Natural Resource and Livestock Management Program’ to commence at NGUC at Master’s level.
‘The Voice of New Generation’, a natural and social science journal, will be the first of its kind prepared by a private higher education institute in the country. A First degree program in Natural Resource Management is currently offered at Jijiga University. According to the president, the university college will accept the first 30 post-graduate students in the beginning to train them in Natural Resource and Livestock Management in the coming academic year, while another four post graduate fields is scheduled to commence in September. The journal is available to anyone from abroad or within the country wanting to contribute to it, he said. Currently, AAU is the only institution publishing a scientific journal in the country.
NGUC officials told journalists that there is a plan to hold such event every year to expand the role of research and to enhance research undertakings.
NGUC was established in 2002 and works in partnership with the USA and international universities and colleges. It has four campuses set in Addis Ababa, Nekemte, Metu and Hargeisa, Somaliland. 
The private higher education institute comprises of a large number of foreign students and has six departments [First Degree] in Addis and Hargeisa, while it has 22 departments [First Degree, Diploma and Technical, Vocational Education and Training (TVET) programs] in Nekemte and Metu.