Anti-Corruption Commission presents draft Citizen Charter


The Federal Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission produced a draft Citizens Charter with the aim to encourage and increase people’s participation to combating corruption.
The draft was presented to representatives of different sectors of the society as well as stakeholders for discussions and comments on Tuesday May 7th at the Ghion Hotel.
The charter that centered foreign investors as well intends to better protect citizens and eradicate corruption from the grass root. It is developed in collaboration with the Ministry of Federal Affairs, Ministry of Civil Service as well as with the Document Authentication and Registration Office. At the discussion, it was indicated that similar charters from different countries including the UK, France and Australia were taken as a model to ensure that the Ethiopian charter is up to standard.
The services the Anti-Corruption Commission provides, including the provision of education on ethics and fight against corruption, informing citizens of the work the Commission is doing in terms of investigating potential corrupt work systems in Government and private institutions is described in detail on the draft charter. It also clearly indicates the rights of citizens, which includes the right to get information and education on anti-corruption, receiving timely response on citizens’ complaints, access to public documents and evaluating the Commission’s performance.
The Charter puts informing on corrupt individuals and deeds, standing as a witness in court, attending trainings and receiving education on anti-corruption and ethics, participating in combatting corruption as well as giving full cooperation, as some of the factors that are expected from citizens.
According to the draft, the Commission has two steps of providing services to citizens with complaints. The initial step is individual first speak with whoever provided them the service they are complaining about. If the response they receive does not satisfy them, then they may provide a written complaint to their superior.
If individuals do not receive an answer to their complaints, they should fill out a form that is provided by the Anti-Corruption Commission ethics follow up department and then present it to the department through its address or in person.
The charter also informs that individuals are able to receive any information or consultation by making appointments with the stated addresses on the Charter. It also states that individuals will be able to acquire all publications of the Commission by contacting it through its listed addresses.
The Federal Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission aims to eradicate corruption by the year 2015 as part of the Growth and Transformation Plan (GTP).