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Name: Bedlu Esayas
Education: 10+2
Company name: Hahu Dance Entertainment Plc
Studio title: General Manager
Founded: 2009

What it does: Dance shows, competitions, and dancing instructionsHQ: Near Mennen Square
Number of Employees: Seven


Startup capital: 35,000 Birr
Current capital: 200,000 Birr

Reason for starting business: Hahu Group was established to help develop dancing in the local entertainment industry and also make Ethiopian contemporary dancing internationally competitive
Biggest plus of ownership: More responsibility and commitment which would lead to profitability and financial freedom
Biggest strength: Determination to realize my plans and visions which sometimes deprives me of sleep
Biggest weakness: People inform me that I am a bit rigid, which I think is a result of my determination to convince people believe in my ideas and concepts. But my weakness, I think, is my naiveté 
Biggest worry: My biggest worry is the stereotype perception towards dancing. I am also worried about the low income dancers earn, as well as our country’s level of development
Favorite task: Providing instructions in dancing
Most challenging task: Because dancing is incorporated in music, theatre and sports, you need a lot of money to train dancers. Therefore, the challenge is acquiring funding
Plan: Our plan is to appear on international shows and competitions like “So You Think You Can Dance?” and “America’s Got Talent”. I am sure we are going to make it. We also have a plan to open a dance university in collaboration with the government
First Career: As a dancer
Most interested in meeting: I’m not interested in meeting anyone 
Most admired person: Getaneh Tsehaye (Getish Usher), Mewded Kibru
Stress reducer: Reading books and watching movies
Favorite pastime: Participating in social activities in the neighborhood, reading books and watching movies
Favorite Book: The three books; Dertogada, Ramatohara and Xantoxara, by Yismake Worku
Favorite Destination: Gondar and Bahir Dar
Favorite Automobile: Hummer
Favorite Film: Scientific movies