Federal Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission impounds illegally acquired assets


The Federal Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission announced this past week that it collected back over 21 million birr in cash as well as illegally appropriated plots of land, buildings and other assets in the last 10 months.
The Commission also announced on Wednesday that it froze assets of individuals suspected of corruption that included 60 residential houses, 10 companies, 128,709 sq meter land, 28 vehicles, over 2.8 million birr in cash and over 15 million US dollars. The Commission that is trying to meet the target of eradicating corruption from Ethiopia by the year 2015, as part of the Growth and Transformation Plan (GTP) was also able to take possession of 1,945sq meter land, four buildings [one that is already finished and three under construction] and 23 Blackberry cell phones  estimated to be worth almost 200,000 birr, among the assets it restored back to the government care.
Meanwhile, 23 court cases related to assets freezing received verdict. During the stated time frame, the investigation of 339 cases was concluded; 164 cases got verdicts, out of which the Commission won 144 cases.
The number of sued individuals during the stated time frame adds up to 409, out of which 293 suspects were found guilty.
In related news, the Federal Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission announced it has completed the production of a draft Citizen Charter. The Charter that aims to encourage and increase the participation of citizens in combating corruption to meet the GTP target presents detailed information on the services the Commission provides as a guide for individuals.