National team assistant coach position still vacant


Ethiopian football fans are anxiously waiting for the next assistant coach to Sewnet Bishaw following Seyoum Kebede’s new position as the Head of the National U-20 squad. The national women side Lucy’s also has a vacant for the position of Head Coach since Abraham T\Haimannot’s walk out three months back.
Since the Waliya-Antelopes are in the middle of the World Cup qualification campaign, the Assistant Coach position is highly expected to be filled before the national team’s next call to camp at the end of this month. Although the Ethiopian Football Federation (EFF) announced that Head Coach Sewnet will soon come forward with his own candidate, nothing happened so far. Some critics suggest that in Ethiopia an Assistant Coach is considered as more of a handy man. Therefore, any one favorite to Sewnet can fill the vacancy. “Ï am sure Sewnet’s candidate is someone from the back bench smart enough to keep his mouth shut and follow orders” remarked one critic.
According to an insider, the Federation’s favorite is former Lucy and Dedebit Head Coach Abraham T/Haimanot who is currently a free agent. “Though he is not Sewnet’s choice the job will be his if he doesn’t have a problem with becoming an Assistant,” the source added.
Either way, s an Assistant Coach is a real time demand for Sewnet. In the mean time Lucy’s hot seat is also vacant for the past three months. Though Birhanu Gizaw long time women’s club Head Coach who also served as assistant to Abraham in the nation’s cup final is the ideal candidate, speculations  coming from different directions conclude since there is no news about the appointment.  Berhanu, since steered Commercial Bank’s women side to the season’s championship title ahead of Dedebit FC.