New housing registration to commence


The long awaited and highly expected registration date for the new housing scheme has been disclosed by the Addis Ababa Construction and Housing Development Bureau of the Housing Administration Agency on Friday.
The implementation of the scheme, which had been expected at the beginning of the GTP period in 2010, hasn’t begun up to now. In July of the current budget year, the Bureau had promised that registration under the new scheme, which will address the needs of both the lower class and the middle class, will begin shortly. However, after nine months, the registration process has yet to start. On several occasions, the city administration explained it was working on the detailed procedures of the registration before the commencement of the registration itself.  But at the July 2012 press conference that was convened by Mekuria Haile, Minister of Urban Development and Construction, Kuma Demeksa, Mayor of Addis Ababa and Abay Haile, vice president of the Commercial Bank of Ethiopia (CBE), the officials had asserted that they had completed the work of finalizing all the details for the commencement of the registration, which they then declared would begin within a few weeks. On Friday, the agency indicated again that it has completed working on the necessary criteria that residents are expected to fulfil to be eligible for registration. The new scheme, known commonly as the 40/60, 10/90 and 20/80 scheme is considered as a great option by the populace of Addis. According to the statement from the agency, low-income residents, which are expected to register under the 10/90 and 20/80 scheme, shall register from June 10 to June 28 in every Woreda (lower administration) of the city. The residents which are considered ‘middle class’, will also be able to register under the 40/60 part of the scheme from July 12 to July 24 in selected branches of CBE. The statement also included new information in regards to the new registration scheme that was not there during its previous announcement. According to the agency, civil servants and residents who have formed housing development cooperatives so as to be able to apply for housing projects will also be registered separately. 18 years old dwellers and people who have resided in the city for at least the last two years as well as residents who have left the city for two years consecutively for varying reasons like work and education, shall be eligible to register based on the set criteria indicated by the agency.
The 40/60 part of the new housing scheme for citizens with middle income, are required to make a down payment of 40 percent of the asking price, before acquiring their house, and the remaining 60 percent will be paid by them within 17 years, as set in the guidelines. The houses to be built are expected to be of higher quality and more spacious than the ones currently under the condominium housing project scheme.
To resolve the residential housing problem, which is one of the major setbacks in the city, the government has been working on affordable housing projects for the past decade.
Low-cost housing projects, popularly known as condominiums, were first introduced in the capital city in 2004 when the city administration was in the hands of former Mayor Arkebe Ouqubay, who is now an adviser on construction issues to the Prime Minister.
But the low-cost housing projects have not been able to keep up with the demand, even though the government has constructed tens of thousands of houses since the program was launched.