State Chief stresses need to strengthen fight against rent-seeking mentality


Tigray Regional state Chief Abay Woldu stressed the need to further strengthen the ongoing fight against rent-seeking mentality with the participation of the public. A coalition aimed at supporting the fight against corruption was formed in Mekele Town on Wednesday. Speaking on the occasion, Abay said that the fight against rent-seeking mentality will be successful with the active participation of the public.
He said activities were being carried out to mobilize the public and further intensify the fight against rent-seeking mentality, which is a threat to the country and its people. Abay said individuals engaged in rent-seeking were being brought to court as part of the activities. He said establishment of the coalition is significant to mobilize the public to fight against corruption as such issues should not be left to anti-corruption institutions alone.
The chief, on the occasion, called on members of the coalition to incorporate the fight against corruption in their plans and contribute towards building democracy and bringing about rapid development. The Commissioner of the Federal Ethics and Anti-corruption Commission, Ali Suleiman, on his part said that encouraging results have been registered in the fight against corruption during the last ten years. Ali said the newly-formed coalition is believed to be successful in its activities to fight against corruption. Members of the coalition include government institutions, civic and public associations, religious institutions and the media.