Addis Girma


Name: Addis Girma
Education: 10+4 in General Mechanics
Company name: Addi Decor
Studio title: General Manager
Founded: 2008
What it does: Decoration for events including weddings, birth days, and meetings

HQ: Around Hayahulet, near Yohemiya Kitfo
Number of Employees: 14

Startup capital: 5,000  Birr
Current capital: 200,000  Birr

Reason for starting business: I love art. That is why I decided to open this décor as it involves art from designing to putting it on the ground.
Biggest plus of ownership: It gives you freedom in terms of time. You would be able to work anytime and rest when you want to. It will also make you work hard day and night as the outcome would benefit yourself.
Biggest strength: I love to work.
Biggest weakness: I expect perfection from people which sometimes makes me angry. I expect people to be like me. 
Biggest worry: When I find it hard to get materials for the projects I am already committed to do.
Favorite task: I pretty much enjoy the designing part of my job.
Most challenging task: I sometimes find it difficult to get materials locally, which I might have found on the internet, to do something new. 
Plan: Expanding my business and opening a school that teaches how to do decoration.
First Career: Mechanic at a garage 
Most interested in meeting: Meaza Biru, Owner and General Manager of Sheger FM.
Most admired person: The late Prime Minister Meles Zenawi
Stress reducer: I go to church or watch Amharic movies 
Favorite pastime: Watching football. I even go to regions with St. George when it has away games. 
Favorite Book: Amist Sidist Sebat, by Sebhat G/Egziabher.
Favorite Destination: Belgium
Favorite Automobile: Renault
Favorite Film: Gudifecha, an Amharic movie.