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The incumbent Ethiopian Football Federation’s executive committee and the not actively in the picture League Committee’s term of office is coming to an end I believe this year in July. What is surprising is not the news that the four years came and gone but it appears that everyone including the executive members had no idea about what is supposed to come next. An election takes place or postponement of the election would be announced complete with the why of the postponement. Whatever taking place some movement should have been coming in to surface either in the form of election campaign or some wild speculation about who is coming or who is planning a strong campaign to come in to the picture. If the incumbent executive committee plans a second term or wants to stand down it should give an indication the least a reminder to the public that election is coming in a couple of months. Media outlets should inform the public that it is time to discuss among each other about the existing executive committee’s success and failure, weakness and strength in the past four years so that when the time come everybody has his say in good time. Success story the like of African Cup final appearance for the first time in more than three decades and leading world cup qualification group stage or failures the likes of postponing the annual Ethiopian knockout championship in two occasions and giving away the title last season without competition or regular fixtures interruption and stadium discipline are few to mention.
At this time the nearing of the end of the four year term and a new election should have been the hot issue among Ethiopian football fans. Had it been started earlier it could have served even better for time to discuss among concerned bodies would have been abundant. Reminding the issue should have been the duty of sport media outlets currently dominating the nation’s radio air time and news papers. But I sometimes wonder where those Federation and League Committee strong critics have gone since the Nation’s Cup final exodus type journey (30-39 Ethiopian sport reporters) to South Africa through the good will of the federation. Initiating this hot issue may trigger a button that could make them out of favor by the beneficiaries. But I don’t think it worries the federation for it has credits it is proud of and above all standing down for an amateur could not be such big matter. I hope my commentary could serve as ice breaker for all concerned and the issue to come to the table sooner than later.