Ethiopian Athletics Federation VP in custody for corruption


The Ethiopian Athletics Federation vice president Ato Nega G/Egziabher is in custody for suspicion of involvement in a high-level corruption case. He was one of the suspects arrested following the joint operation by law enforcement agencies that rounded up more than twenty four high government officials and private business persons.
Nega, younger brother of Tsehaye G/Egziabher (former vice president of the Ethiopian Football Federation), had served for more than a dozen years as the Athletics Federation vice president under Engineer Gizaw T/Mariam until his arrest on Friday. In a statement released to the public by the Federal Ethics & Anti Corruption Commission (FEACC), Nega is among four prominent business personalities including Inter Continental Hotel owner Semachew Kebede, KK Plc owner Ketema Kebede and Mehereteab Abraha, the brother of Siye Abraha. Popular among Ethiopian athletes for his social and friendly manners as well as his readiness to extend a helping hand for those in need of financial support, the latest development took the sports family by sheer surprise.
In a court hearing on Monday, Nega, owner of NETSA Trading Plc, stated through his lawyer that the 14-day extension requested by the police for further assessing and collecting evidence and material witnesses is not fair, because the Police had already announced to the public, after the round up took place, that they are in possession of all necessary documents to indict them. The court ordered the next hearing to take place on 29th May.