Horticulture export generates 170 mln USD

Ethiopia has earned 170 million USD from horticulture export in the first 9 months of this Ethiopian budget year, the Ethiopian Horticulture Development Agency said. Agency Director General Hailesilassie Tekie said that the stated sum of revenue was generated from the sale of 1.63 billion flower stems and 103,000 tons of vegetables, fruits and herbs.
Of the total income the country secured between July 2012 and March 2013 the revenue obtained from flower accounts 80 percent, Hailesilassie said.
The remaining 20 percent was generated from vegetables, fruits and herbs, he added. Due to the promotional works made in various countries, Ethiopia’s horticulture sector is showing a significant advancement as well as attracting domestic and foreign companies, he said.
More than 150 domestic and foreign companies are currently engaged in horticulture development in Ethiopia, thus creating job opportunities for several compatriots, the director said.
(Daily Monitor)

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