“Nishan” screened at International Film Festivals

It is rare for locally made films to make it to the international screen.
Usually, films made here lack standard and creativity to be chosen for featuring on international film festivals. They are made in a very short period of time with very little preparation with regards to the whole process of production including the script. However, there are also those very few that end up making it to the level of international recognition.
“Nishan” is one such film that has been selected to be screened at different film festivals including the Burkina Faso Film Festival (aka African Oscar), Seattle International Film Festival, and African Diaspora International Film Festival, among others. This film categorized as suspense/drama revolves around a young woman named Nishan. She counts the days when she would be able to leave to go to a foreign land in search of a better life.
Her plan of leaving her old life behind for a new start falls apart as her dark past just won’t let go. The film shows the up and downs of Nishan’s life and the measures she takes to get control of it.
The film has cost over 700,000 birr to produce and was made with the collaboration of a German based film production company called Filmgalerie 451 and produced by Frieder Schlaich and Kurat Pictures PLC.
“Nishan” is currently screened in local cinemas.