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‘Celebrates Ethiopian Kindness’

Coca Cola announced that it will soon make its products available in plastic bottles and is finalizing the construction of the containers’ production facility that is located in the East Africa Bottling Share Company compound in Addis Ababa. “We will launch our products in plastic bottles soon. We are making sure that we have a well-established recycling system before we launch the products. The recycling system we will have in place will involve communities and create job opportunities,” said Greig Jansen, CEO of East African Bottling S.C.
Coca Cola also announced the launching of its new campaign it labeled “Coca-Cola Celebrates  Ethiopian Kindness” that seeks to recognize, applaud and inspire kindness among Ethiopians by creating a movement among all communities to embrace the act of generosity and kindness towards others and the environment.
Through the kindness campaign, the company plans to celebrate those who act in kindness and inspire others through their stories. Musician and environmental activist Sileshi Demissie, World Laugh Master Belachew Girma and humanitarian Fikir Aradom have been chosen to be the Ambassadors of kindness for the campaign.
“Ethiopian kindness is a unique quality that we, as Ethiopians, are proud of. Our country, which is home to many different nations, nationalities and peoples, is an example of tolerance and respect among citizens. We are happy that Coca Cola is celebrating this special aspect of Ethiopian culture and I hope that this celebration will give the kind deeds of Ethiopians recognition and appreciation, while at the same time inspiring others to take part in generous acts,” said President Girma Woldegiorgis, speaking at the launching event held at the National Palace on Wednesday.
The new campaign is a progression of last year’s ‘A Billion Reasons To Believe in Africa’ campaign, which focused on inspiring citizens to see the brighter side of Africa and take pride in their continent.
Brand Manager Misikir Mulugeta said that the kindness theory has been tested through a research carried out by BMC Innovation Company across 20 markets in which it was found that 95 percent of people feel that, for the world to be a happier place, people need to start being kinder to each other and over 98 percent of them said that the key to their happiness is in making other people happy.
“Therefore, the conclusion we can draw from this is that kindness is in fact the active route to happiness and that is what our new campaign is all about. As anyone in society can perform random acts of kindness at various levels, we hope to use this campaign to spread happiness to the people of Ethiopia by creating a Movement of a Billion Believers,” he said.
Belachew Girma, one of the kindness ambassadors and one among many chosen to be featured in the campaign’s advertisement that will be splashed across 30 African countries, said on his part that, as his line of work is making people laugh and become happy, the random kindness campaign is a concept that is dear to his heart and resonates within him.
As part of the campaign, Coca Cola has already ventured into acts of kindness by randomly giving out flowers and other merchandise to people on the streets of Addis Ababa.