Esubalew Minuye


Name: Esubalew Minuye
Education: 10+3
Company name: Esubalew Advertising and Printing Plc
Studio title: General Manager
Founded: September 2007
What it does: Publication of advertising tools ranging from banners to billboards, engraving stamps in minutes and printing vouchers
HQ: Around Wuhalimat, near Classic Hotel
Number of Employees: 8

Startup capital: 1,500  Birr
Current capital: 300,000  Birr

Reason for starting business: Ambition to promote and advertise Ethiopia at the international level
Biggest plus of ownership: It enables you to do things whenever and however you want to. It gives you financial freedom and peace of mind
Biggest strength: I respect my job and I enjoy working
Biggest weakness: I am a bit hot tempered if things go wrong
Biggest worry: I have such an ambitious plan, the only worry I have is realizing it
Favorite task: I enjoy every task that I do in my company
Most challenging task: Customer handling and convincing them to choose more interesting or right colors and designs is always challenging
Plan: My plan is to expand and improve my company until it reaches at least the level of similar companies in Kenya
First Career: Waiter in a Cafe
Most interested in meeting: Haile Gebreselassie, Africa’s legendary athlete and investor in the service and automotive industries in Ethiopia
Most admired person: The late Duguma Hunde, founder of DH Geda,
Stress reducer:
I just work. That is the only stress reducer I know so far
Favorite pastime: Going out of the city
Favorite Book: ‘Fikir Eske Mekabir’, an Amharic fiction, literally meaning “Love unto Crypt” by Haddis Alemayehu
Favorite Destination: Langano
Favorite Automobile: Toyota Land Cruiser
Favorite Film: ‘Yewendoch Guday’, an Amharic movie