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It is once again time for the European Film festival, and this year it has arrived with some pretty interesting selections for your viewing pleasure.  The list includes films from 16 European countries and is packed with every genre you would want to have in a film festival.Here is a glimpse of some of the films that are featured.
SLEEP TIGHT, A thriller from Spain
This film tells the story of a disturbed doorman named Cesar who works is an apartment building in Barcelona. Cesar has a very dark secret: his sole desire in life is to make others unhappy. The doorman sets his sight on Clara, one of the buildings cheeriest residents and his sick need flourishes into a full-fledged obsession.   
Cesar starts stalking the young woman, determined to ruin her life. This very creepy film will be screened at the Italian Cultural Institute on Thursday, June 13th.
FLORBELA, A drama from Portugal

The film is set in the year 1920. A famous poet, Florbela Espanca, throws herself into a third marriage after the previous two failed. In order to make the third one work and please her man, Espanca thinks she needs to act as a traditional housewife. As a result, she stops writing but soon feels restless and frustrated.
When her brother Apeles Espanca invites her to Lisbon, she runs away from her extremely quiet home to join him. Together, they throw themselves into the scene on the dark side of the capital; alcohol and political riots. FLORBELA will be screened at the Alliance éthio-francaise on Saturday, June 8th.
THE MILL AND THE CROSS, A historical drama from Poland
Lech Majewski directed this visually striking examination of the relationship between art and politics in the 16th century. In 1564, the Flemish painter Pieter Bruegel created one of his best known and most controversial works; “The Procession to Calvary”, in which Christ, carrying his cross, makes his way to his own crucifixion through a crowded landscape that features representations of hundreds of historic and contemporary figures.
Using digital imaging technology, The Mill & The Cross allows viewers to enter into Bruegel’s painting, as the static figures come to life. The film will be screened at the Goethe Institute Tuesday, June 4th.
COOL KIDS DON’T CRY, A family film from the Netherlands
This film is ideal for a family night of fun. This film tells the story of young Soccer-loving girl, Akkie, who is diagnosed with leukemia. Only through her love for a boy in her class can she accept the inevitable.
Akkie, a spirited young girl, keeps playing soccer even though her classmate Joep thinks that soccer is not meant for girls. When Akkie is diagnosed with leukemia, she remains optimistic. She even continues take part in the school soccer tournament while she is lying in a hospital. But when Akkie’s health deteriorates so much that she is virtually no longer able to participate in the tournament, Joep comes up with a really special plan.
This is an inspiring and touching story. It will be screened at the Alliance éthio-francaise on Saturday, June 8th.
These are some of the films the European Film Festival has in store for you starting from tomorrow, to  June 17th.