Your ‘Where-to-go/What-to-do’ list

To help you recover from your tiring working hours, here are some upcoming events you can enjoy in the evenings.
If you are the type that is interested in paintings, then you need to go to the opening of Behailu Bezabeh’s Dialogue art exhibition. The artist says: “…our dialogue is an experience of our real time,” and that is what he tries to show through his paintings. Behailu, a lecturer at Alle School of Fine Arts and Design, is a multi-discipline artist.
He has previously shown many solo and group exhibitions at different venues, including the Alliance Éthio-Francaise, where his new exhibition will be. Behailu has won the prestigious Pollock-Krasner Foundation Grant in 2010 and was awarded the Ethiopian Fine Arts and Mass Media Prize Trust-Gold Medal and Honorary Diploma in 2002.
His previous works have received positive feedbacks; this one is also expected to hold its own. Opening day will be tomorrow at 5:00 pm.
“Lalibella Crosses”
If you enjoy historical research, well, there is something for you too. “Lalibella Crosses” is what the conference that will be held on Tuesday, June 5th, will focus on. 
Jacques Mercier, co-author of “Lalibela, Wonder of Ethiopia: The monolithic churches and their treasures”, will explain and discuss the famous Lalibela crosses made during the 13th century, which were stolen, but finally returned. He will explain their genesis and the evolution of their shapes. He will then analyze their symbolism and the relations they have with the ornaments of contemporary churches, especially in Lalibela.
This conference will also be held at the Alliance Éthio-Francaise and is open to any interested party.