Dr. Tedros takes part in maternal health panel discussion


Dr. Tedros Adhanom took part in a panel discussion on maternal health under the theme; “Return on investment in maternal health and  Family Planning 2020 and the Campaign for Accelerated Reduction of Maternal Mortality in Africa (CARMMA)”, as a panelist on the sidelines of the ongoing International Conference on African Development V(TICADV) Summit.
Dr. Tedros on his part said: “The worst challenge in meeting the MDGs is observed in reducing maternal mortality rate, which is MDG Goal 5.” He appreciated the inclusion of CARMMA in the TICAD V process as an important step to integrate Africa’s efforts with international partners. He stressed educating young girls and empowering women as a strategic policy option to reduce maternal mortality. He discussed the experience and achievements of the 38,000 health extension workers in reducing maternal mortality and in improving health services. He also shared Ethiopia’s experience in health financing. Dr. Tedros further emphasized the importance of increased investment to curb maternal mortality rate in an effective manner. 
Opening the session, President Ellen Sirleaf Johnson, made a statement that focused on maternal mortality and maternal health in Africa. She said: “The progress made in many African countries in meeting MDG Goal number five, which is reducing maternal mortality, is inadequate.” According to her, 56 percent of maternal mortality occurs in Sub Saharan countries. As many countries are off target in meeting MDG Goal 5, she underlined the need to accord primary attention, since it has a crucial role in accelerating the economic growth and development of Africa.