The enlightened element of the global youth continues to fight back against the global order that has been undermining its rightful status, under various guises. And so far it has done so (mostly) peacefully. Nonetheless, the visibly unsustainable and palpably unfair status quo, which has been hampering the enlightened youth’s advancement will not lie down and vanish peacefully. Like all human concoctions orchestrated by benefiting/entrenched interests, the prevailing order is reacting to protect its turf – the systematically structured privileges. To this end, the world system had been eager to employ all kinds of arsenals at its disposal; military/police, institutional infrastructures, (domestic or otherwise) identity politics (sexism, racism, ethnicism, creed, etc.,) etc. Unlike before however, derailing the increasingly conscious global beast, (human mass) from its pursuit of justice, equality and democracy will not be easy, thanks to (amongst other things) the new empowering technologies!

In the bad old days, it was only the corporate/state media that monopolized all significant broadcasting (audio, video, print.) In those days the establishment used and abused the captured/embedded media abundantly, to the point of rendering it utterly unreliable outside of sensationalism. ‘Vengeance is mine’ penned the good book (bible.) Maybe the new empowering technology is a divine intervention in favor of the youth to settle scores against the establishment run by the old. Be that as it may, the new technology is vengefully rattling ‘the old boys connections’, as the recent lashing out by Turkey’s Prime Minister clearly demonstrates; ‘ there is now a menace which is called Twitter’, Erdogan said in an interview, ‘the best examples of lies can be found there. To me, social media is the worst menace to society.’ Before long, the international hacktivist group replied; ‘Anonymous vows to kick off a worldwide action which will bring the Turkish government to its knees.’ True to its words, Anonymous soon retaliated by taking down the Turkish President’s website along with that of the country’s ruling party in an operation, code named #Op Turkey, all these in support of the anti-government protests. Just like its predecessors of yore, which had been instrumental in creating human history, the enlightened segment of the current global youth is giving (globally) entrenched interest a run for its money, to use a mercantilist expression of the Americans. Until recently such active/swift retaliation by invisibly organized (youth) against powerful governments was absolutely unthinkable!
From Mediterranean to the Middle East, from Australia to America, from Scandinavia to the Savannah, the message is loud & clear and essentially the same. This is our reading of the youth’s missive: ‘we don’t want a system of social existence that doesn’t take people’s/nature’scurrent/future interests at heart. We don’t want those at the apex of power perpetrating the sick/senile system to continue to run our lives roughshod.’ See Assange’s article next column. On the other hand, establishment discourse is still stuck in its usual mode of backward levitation. Instead of inviting/incorporating the new initiatives/proposals of the younger generations, governments all over are working hard to effectively suffocate and strangulate new initiatives of the beast and restrict its access to empowering technologies and liberating ideologies. For example there are now new legislations in place trying to regulate the Internet, etc. Paradoxically, it is Western democracies that are spearheading these efforts (USA, UK, Canada, etc.) See the articles on page 50. Here is a simple and rational question to the reigning supremos & politicos; Why can’t the global system open up to enlightened agenda?
Frankly speaking, the answer is not very difficult, at least not to us mere plebian. The global system is based on those very principles enlightened humanity wants to get rid of! Occupy Movement, which is now a global phenomena is one amorphous entity that is un-structurally and diffusedly articulating better systems. This past week it was the turn of Turkey’s youth (occupy Gezi Park). Occupy will neither stop there nor will its espoused ideals be destroyed, however hard the system pushes, purely because the time has come for those new ideals to be put in place. One of the major problems global humanity is facing today is this; the absence of systematic narratives, critiquing the reigning logic of the world system (neo liberalism/crony capitalism) or capitalist modernity {make-believe world (livelihood) driving unsustainable consumption resulting in ecocide/omnicide and the comodification of human relations/values, etc.} Without sustained effort along this line, it is the old fear-forces derived from metaphysical alienation (religious practices), identity politics (racism/sexism) and the likes that will fuel chaos amongst the beast and irrational policies amongst the politicos (Libya, Egypt, etc.) See the articles on page 51.
To be sure, the enlightened element of the youth has already opened up a ‘Pandora’s box’ of a sort. Thanks to movements like the World Social Forum (WSF), ideas towards a more egalitarian, democratic and sane coexistence with nature are aplenty. WSF has contributed, in one form or another, to the emergence of more people oriented, nature friendly socio-economic systems in South America. Chavez, Lula, Morales, et al, all hail from the WSF School. In addition, the enlightened youth has started to reveal some of the evil operations of the global order. Wikileaks {Bradley Manning, Aaron Swartz (USA) Assange (Australia), et al), Anonymous, etc., are only a few of those who sit on the tip of the iceberg. See the article on page 50.Why is this ascending movement of the youth difficult to contain? Technology aside, the movement doesn’t emphasize hierarchy, like the existing global order. In other words, it is not only organizationally flat, but also lacks formal structure, which would have made it more amenable to the traditional manipulation/elimination techniques of the ever-present security agencies (so-called) of the system. Don’t be fooled, the global system is feverishly busy designing new weapons (physical or otherwise) to thwart off the youth’s/beast’s newfound power. See page 50. It is worth noting, unlike before, this time around the youth’s movement seems to be truly global in its intentions, though entrenched interests don’t like to portray it as such.
Here is a message from the heart of Istanbul: “When the last tree has been cut down, the last fish caught, the last river poisoned, only then will we realize that one cannot eat money! From Occupy Gezi Park.” Good Day!