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As the long-awaited registration for the new condominium houses approaches, residents of the city were seen rushing to register to become future home owners.

This haste and urge to own a home by residents of the city has also given rise to some unlawful activities.
Recently, the Federal First Instance Courts in Addis saw an unusual increase in divorce cases filed.  Source say that such cases have risen by almost 300 percent all around the city as spouses are applying for divorce to independently register for the new scheme. According to data collected from different sub cities, the number of divorcees have exceeded well over 10,000 during the past couple of weeks.
Meanwhile, following an investigation as to the reason for such a rise in the number of divorces, the Addis Ababa City Administration announced that applications filed after mid-April will be rejected. Moreover, Woreda administrations also have stopped issuing new identification cards as the number of applications to obtain new IDs has increased dramatically.
The new housing scheme, known commonly as the 10/90, 20/80 and 40/60, is considered as a great opportunity by residents of Addis. According to the statement from the city, low-income residents, will register under the 10/90 and 20/80 scheme, from June 10 to June 28 in every Woreda (lower administration) of the city. Residents considered ‘middle class’ will also be able to register under the 40/60 part of the scheme from August 12 to August 23 in selected branches of the Commercial Bank of Ethiopia (CBE). Civil servants and residents who formed housing development cooperatives so as to be able to apply for plots for their housing projects, will also be registered separately from July 23 to August 6.
Anyone who is 18 and above and who has resided in the city for at least the last two years, as well as residents who have left the city for two years consecutively for various reasons like work and education, are eligible to register based on the criteria set out by the agency.
The city also expects over 1.3 million house seekers from around the city and abroad to register for the new housing scheme.
However, the first days of the registration saw a long line of interested applicants at CBE branches all around the city.
“We have trained some 115 branch managers, deputies, and heads of districts, and other responsible employees in our branches, ” said Yehuala Gessese, Vice President of Loan Evaluation and Portfolio Administration for CBE.
The bank has not dedicated extra staff or material resources as this service isn’t  new,  according to Deribe Asfaw, Vice President of Customer Accounts and Transaction Service at CBE. “We have been doing it forever; the only difference is the increase in the number of customers,” he said at the press conference held on June 4. “But we have tried to properly utilize our existing human and material resources,”
The two presidents said that the public shouldn’t be worried about not getting the chance to register as the bank is capable of registering all customers before the deadline.