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Name: Selahadin Eshetu
Education: MA in International Relations
Company name: Empower Africa RSD Org.
Studio title: Director
Founded: December 2011

What it does: Researches, trainings and consultations in social science and related fields

HQ: Around Mexico Square
Number of Employees: 7


Startup capital: 5,100 Birr
Current capital: Growing

Reason for starting business: To provide the public with well-researched and informed solutions for their problems instead of selling and buying goods and services
Biggest plus of ownership: It enables you to be financially independent, create job opportunities for others, and feel confident and part of the solution for the problems
Biggest strength: Risk taking
Biggest weakness: Too much trust in others
Biggest worry: I am always worried about which direction the world is going; what  the fate would be of the next generation as a result of lack of standards
Favorite task: I like all tasks, but all are incomparable to training
Most challenging task: The customer handling part of any business is a bit challenging
Plan: I want to make my organization a solution provider for all problems in all five regions of Africa; I want to make it an organization that is consulted by policy makers of African nations
First Career: As an instructor at Bahir Dar University
Most interested in meeting: President Barack Obama
Most admired person: My mother
Stress reducer: Going out of the city and writing
Favorite pastime: Reading books
Favorite Book: “The Alchemist”, by Paulo Coelho
Favorite Destination: Mecca and Medina
Favorite Automobile: I don’t have one
Favorite Film: The “24” movie series