Capital Ethiopia Newspaper

Response from Azaze Hakim Werqneh Eshetay’s family

This is in reference to Engineer Tadele Betul’s article on Capital newspaper of Sunday June 2, 2013 which appeared in Readers’ View entitled “Setting the record straight on Azaj Hakim Worqneh’s Biography.”
We appreciate that our grandfather, Azaze Hakim Werqneh Eshetay, the renowned Ethiopian personality, has been acknowledged as one whose achievements and contributions, writers, historians, researchers, journalists etc… have and can write about.
It is known that Azaze Hakim Werqneh Eshetay has made lifelong contribution to the various sectors of Ethiopian development and any interested writer can research into subjects according to their focus area. The facts and supporting photographs, which have been provided to researchers and historians by the family (including copyright), are the sole property of the family. They are made available to writers enthusiastically and with pride as part of our contribution towards enriching knowledge about him. In this case, the family has given photographs and other materials to Engineer Tadele, to Professor Garretson and to other journalists and writers, who have contacted us. Referring to the comments on the photographs, we believe that any author of a book can have randomly inserted photographs, as part and parcel of the book, so that the photos can have a context of their own without relating to a written page. Because the book in its totality relates to the person it is being written about i.e. Azaze Hakim Werqneh Eshetay (not Eshetu)!
We would like to acknowledge and appreciate the efforts made by Eng. Tadele Betul for having written about Azaze Hakim Werqneh Eshetay, particularly in Amharic, to make it available to our Ethiopian readers, who infact need to know that there were great personalities of the past in this great country of ours.
Likewise, Professor Peter Garretson’s book entitled “A Victorian Gentleman and an Ethiopian Nationalist” is also acclaimed by us as important, not for Ethiopians only, but for international consumption as well. Both books and other upcoming versions (whenever) will have their own merits as a reference for future researchers.
We as a family appreciate Professor Richard Pankhurst and Professor Peter Garretson as most respected historians, researchers and lecturers for many decades. We don’t believe it is necessary to mention them otherwise as mentioned in the article.

June 13, 2013
Ellene Mocria