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The Ministry of Urban Development and Construction (MoUDC) drafted a new regulation for the formation of the Ethiopian Construction Industry Development Council.

The draft regulation aims to boost and regulate the development of the construction sector and will include the private sector in the council.
The regulation consists of four parts and 28 sub articles and indicates that the council is necessary for the growth and effectiveness of sector actors and to enhance their collaboration and responsibilities. The recognition of involving private sector actors in the development of professional trends and standards, based on their performance, are some of the issues noted in draft the regulation.
The council will consult the government in the drafting of new regulations, laws and policies, as well as when undertaking studies to develop the capacity of sector actors, according to the draft regulation.
The council will also advise the minister and the government and will arbitrate in cases where conflicts occur in regards to construction projects.
According to the draft regulation, members of the council will include representatives from relevant government offices, including ministers that are affiliated with the sector, commissions, agencies, authorities, regional offices and city administrations and will be approved by the Council of Ministers.
Relevant government offices will each be represented by one member.
The head and deputy of the construction industry regulatory bureau, the head and deputy of the residential housing development and government building construction bureau, the head of the registration division and the head of policy bureau of MoUDC will be also members of the council as well as associations in the construction industry.
It states that ten members from the Ethiopian Construction Contractors Association (ECCA), four from the Grade One Contractors Association and two from the Ethiopian Professional Contractors Association (EPCA) will also form part of the council membership. The Ethiopian Consultant Architect and Consultant Association will be represented by five members and the Ethiopian Civil Engineers Association, the Ethiopian Architect, Ethiopian Mechanical Engineers Association, the Ethiopian Electrical Engineers Association and the Ethiopian Construction Technology and Management Professionals Association will all be part of the council, each represented by two members.
Higher education, research and technology institutions, construction sector professionals, including input suppliers and machinery rental companies, will also be included. In regards to qualification, it states that members should have at least a first degree and three years experience. The council will have a management board and secretariat with an elected chairman and will regularly meet at least twice a year, once every six month.
A 15 member Board will be elected and shall be headed by a Board Chairman and Deputy Chairman.