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Lediko, a Poland-based company specializing in the design and manufacturing of environmental-friendly bulb and LED is interested in introducing its products into the Ethiopian market. The company distributes most of its bulb and Light Emitting Diode (LED) products in western and central Europe, representing  one of the major suppliers in continental Europe since it was established  ten years ago by two innovative entrepreneurs. “We specialize in innovative LED production,” Adam Wilanowski, a LED expert and Co-owner of Lediko, said.
A week ago, he told Ethiopian journalists who visited the industry at Wroclaw, Poland, that the company has great interest in the Ethiopian market for its LED bulbs, the latest generation of light sources. Such bulbs save a lot of power when compared to other types of bulb available on the market. To save power, the Ethiopian Electric Power Corporation (EEPCo) with World Bank support has been distributing limited number of such bulbs to households. However, the demand is very high while the supply remains quite limited and it is for households only.
According to Wilanowsky, his company produces a diversity of bulbs compatible for street lighting, industrial use and automotive decorations, in addition to other uses.  Lediko’s product for street lighting has a capacity to save 50 percent more energy than regular bulbs.
“Our export to Europe accounts for 20 percent of our total production currently, but is growing by 30 percent every year. We also have plans to expand and export our products to African countries,” he said. The company also exports to other parts of the world.
LEDIKO takes an active part in changes and innovations related to LED technology and lighting techniques. LEDs are attractive alternatives for traditional light sources – bulbs, fluorescents and gas-discharge lamps – which lack many advantages provided by LED.
The most important advantages of LED are low power consumption, colours from the whole visible spectrum and a long life span. According to the company official, they have plans to contact electric bulb suppliers and relevant government offices to enter the Ethiopian market. 
Adam Wilanowski and Piotr Walendowski, the founders of LEDIKO are two graduates of the Faculty of Electronics of Wroclaw University of Technology.
LEDIKO’s Headquarters is located in the Wroclaw Technology Park, were LEDIKO has access to modern laboratories and well-equipped technology labs. From the beginning, the company focused on the introduction of comprehensive, reliable and innovative LED solutions and products.