Shumet Tarekegn


Name: Shumet Tarekegn
Education: BSc in Chemistry
Company name: Kidusan Café
Studio title: Manager
Founded: January 2013
What it does: Serve coffee, tea, cakes and fast food HQ: Mexico Square
Number of employees: Six

Startup capital: 33,000 Birr
Current capital: Growing

Reason for starting business: To be independent and own a business
Biggest plus of ownership: Having the freedom to be wherever I want to be anytime and the independence of working long hours when I’m in the mood and leave if I am not. It also gives me happiness to provide job opportunities for others
Biggest strength: I am hardworking and I don’t mind doing anything as long as it brings good income
Biggest weakness: I am a bit over ambitious, which sometimes makes me lose concentration
Biggest worry: Don’t have any
Favorite task: Management
Most challenging task: Customer handling is a bit challenging because many people have different tastes and you are required to satisfy them all
Plan: I want to expand my business into the hotel industry
First carrier: As a chemistry teacher for a private school
Most interested in meeting: No one in particular
Most admired person: My mother who taught me to make something out of nothing Stress reducer: Walking and sitting alone in my house
Favorite past time: Hanging out with friends
Favorite Book: “Sememen”, an Amharic fiction by Sisay Nigusu
Favorite Destination: Dubai
Favorite Automobile: Toyota
Favorite Film: ‘Amalayu’, an Amharic movie