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The Addis Ababa University (AAU) stressed the need for Ethiopia to further strengthen ongoing efforts to solve misunderstandings related to the construction of the Ethiopian Grand Renaissance Dam (GRD) in peaceful manner. In an exclusive interview, the Dean of the Natural Science Faculty with the University, Prof. Negussie Reta, lauded Ethiopia’s efforts to find a solution to the issue through diplomatic means.
Prof. Negussie said the support of the African Union (AU) for the construction of the Dam, and also Sudan’s agreement for the same purpose, is part of the efforts with regards to the issue.
He said the Ethiopian government is appreciated as it is striving to ensure the benefits of other riparian countries from the Nile waters side by side with constructing the Dam.
The Dean said the University community had a visit to the construction site and vowed to provide professional support towards the construction of the Dam.
In this regard, a committee is set up to study and identify ways to provide assistance for the same purpose. A Ground Water Resource Expert with the University, Dr. Seifu Kebede, on his part said that the questions raised by the riparian countries in relation to the Dam should be based on studies conducted by experts, who represented the countries in the panel.