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Egypt is one of the oldest civilizations and Ethiopia is generally regarded as a cradle of humankind. The ancient history of the former preceded by the antediluvian of the latter form uninterrupted conscious coexistence,very rare in the annals of history. Whichever way you cut it, these two regions/countries are as old as history & prehistory and during their long existence they have had all sorts of interactions between them, not only political and cultural!
One of Africa’s most profound and versatile thinkers argued and scientifically proved; (against the systemically established racist discourse) the ancient Egyptians were of Negroid origin! The father of history himself Herodotus, (484-425 BC, born in Bodrum, Turkey) repeatedly stated in his various writings; ‘the ancient Egyptians were black, with curly/kinky hair’ and also added, ‘Egypt was the gift of the Nile’! The Senegalese chemist/physicist, anthropologist/Egyptologist, Cheik Anta Diop (1923-1986), regarded as Africa’s independent scholar of the 20th century, used the melanin test, which he discovered/refined while pursuing his passionate interest in the phenotype of the ancient Egyptians. His technique is now widely used (forensic test, etc.,) and is the proven method of determining a person’s color pigmentation, i.e., skin color, hence race! He tested Egyptian mummies and proved the ancient Egyptians were of black origin. As usual, western scholarship was initially adamant in not accepting his findings, up until the mid 1970s. But that is to be expected! For example establishment discourse of the powerful has already appropriated all of ancient Greece’s achievements, exclusively as its own, contrary to all historical facts! Ancient Greece was as much western as Persia was/is, or Turkey was/is, etc. Greece is only western to the extent the Slavs (Russians, etc.) are; nothing more, nothing less! We don’t think recent religious history, Anno Domino (AD) can fixate all history. But we digress!
Let’s look at hierographic documentation of the expedition of Egypt’s most famous pharos to the upper riparian regions of the day. But before we delve into the story, we need to clarify our lexicon. According to the ancient Greeks, anything below Egypt was ‘Ethiopia’, ‘people of burned faces.’ Nubia, which starts from mid Egypt and extends down to mid Sudan, was distinctly black, hence was sometimes referred to as Ethiopia. It seems it was here Ramesses the II (1303 – 1213 BC) found his true love. Queen Nefertari was a Nubian/Ethiopian and his most favored consort. Egypt’s most famous pharaoh, Ramesses the Great, built a magnificent temple exclusively for her, (only one other queen in ancient Egypt had the privilege of having her own temple – the famous Nefertiti) next to his own (and equal in size, another first) in the land of Nubia. These massive structures are currently located at Abu Simbel very close to the Sudanese border. The beautiful paintings inside Nefertari’s temple are regarded as probably the best of the Egyptian paintings.
The politically inclined might construe the union of Nefertari and the Ramesses the Great as a calculated move on the part of the leader to keep the peace along his southern border. It is claimed he built the temples now at Abu Simbel after the Battle of Kadesh, (against the Hittites of Syria) to also intimidate his southern neighbors, the Ethiopians/Nubians. Again, the shrewd Ramesses also married the daughter of king Hattusili III, which ultimately established peace between Egypt and the Hittites. Here is an old lesson to us forgetful moderns!
Traditionally, the crown worn by the Egyptian pharos was a combination of the crown of the kingdoms of Upper Egypt and Lower Egypt. The phrase ‘Upper and Lower’ in Egypt has important significance, as it always denotes one’s position relative to the Nile. All in all, there has been more commonalities between the ancient people of the Nile basin than is portrayed bythe still reigning Eurocentric history! It is also important to take due cognizance of the fact; the widely established religions of today, namely Christianity and Islam, were not even on the horizon when the various peoples of the Nile basin were living/ interacting amongst each other. To put things into perspective for example, the marriage of Nefertari & Ramesses took place 3250 years ago! To reiterate: the current dominant religions are recent phenomenon, compared to our long stretching history, mostly centered on the longest river/basin in the world – The Nile or as our Egyptian brothers/sisters/mothers/fathers call it, ‘Al Nil.’ We the people of the Nile basin, who are ultimately both the object/subject of our history, must clearly outgrow the phantom historical accounts designed/preached to ourselves and others by the reigning dominant interests, old & new. We leave it to the authority:
“….the line of ill-intentional Egyptologist, equipped with a ferocious erudition , have committed their well known crime against science, by becoming guilty of a deliberate falsification of the history of humanity.
Supporte by the governing powers of all the Western countries, this ideology, based on a moral and intellectual swindle, easily won out over the true scientific current developed by a parallel group of Egyptologist of good will, whose intellectual uprightness and even courage cannot be stressed strongly enough.
The new Egyptological ideology, born at the opportune moment, reinforced the theoretical bases of imperialist ideology. That is why it easily drowned out the voice of science, by throwing the veil of falsification over historical truth. This ideology was spread with the help of considerable publicity and taught the world over, because it alone had the material and financial means for its own propagation.
Thus imperialism, like the prehistoric hunter, first killed the being, spiritually and culturally, before trying to eliminate it physically. The negation of the history and intellectual accomplishments of Black Africans was cultural, mental murder,which preceded and paved the way for their genocide here and there in the world.” Cheikh Anta Diop. Good Day!