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Ethiopia is endowed with beautiful natural features. The country’s wildlife is diverse and numerous, but include unique and endangered animals. A lot of effort is being made by different organizations to conserve such national treasures and the society needs to actively involve in the process as well. To this end, the creation of awareness is very important and doing it the fun way wouldn’t hurt.

The Ethiopian Wildlife Festival that opened yesterday at the Addis Ababa Exhibition Center and Market Development Enterprise, was all about celebrating nature, and will close today, Sunday. The festival was filled with entertainment for people of all ages and the children had a lot of fun with drama, games and live music.
The festival was organized under the theme “Conserving the Simien Mountains” and stands have been set up for people who are interested in finding out about the wildlife in Ethiopia. Organized by the Ethiopian Wildlife Conservation Authority (EWCA) and WINGS Education and Media, the event mainly focuses on the issue of conserving the Simien Mountains World Heritage Site, as the wildlife found there is endangered. Chachi Tadesse, the Goodwill Ambassador of EWCA, stated that there are plans to hold similar festivals in Europe and the US. The festival has also organized panel discussions with students on what could be done to help conserve Nature in Ethiopia.
The festival is certainly a good way to get people interested and involved. Parents are encouraged to take their children to the event so that they can learn more about how to protect the environment.
There is food and drinks, items on sale, concert by different artists… the list goes on. The two fun-filled festival days is expected to be attended by at least 20,000 people. You are highly encouraged to attend.