Helen Mehari


Name: Helen Mehari
Education: 10+1
Company name: Saba Beauty Salon
Studio title: Owner/ Manager
Founded: January 2013
What it does: Hair dressing, Facial and Makeup
HQ: Around Redwan Building, 200 meters from Crema Café, Bole Medhane Alem
Number of employees: 2\

Startup capital: 80,000 Birr
Current capital: Growing

Reason for starting business: To be independent and help my Family, as well as help others by creating jobs
Biggest plus of ownership: Freedom to do your own thing
Biggest strength: Dedication
Biggest weakness: I’m sometimes emotional
Biggest worry: External factors affecting my business worries me
Favorite task: Doing facials
Most challenging task: Handling some customers and meeting their expectations is sometimes challenging
Plan: To expand the business and be able to compete with other established salons
First career: I was involved in small commercial activities
Most interested in meeting: Daniel Kibret
Most admired person: My mother
Stress reducer: Spending time with my Family
Favorite pastime: Reading books
Favorite book: “Ye Ashenafinet Sinelibona”, a book on psychology
Favorite destination: Paris
Favorite automobile: Toyota Corolla
Favorite film: “Siryet”, an Amharic film