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Nicon plc, an Ethiopian cargo company, has announced plans to start making electric bicycles in Ethiopia.

The company has secured land for an assembly plant at a cost of 10 million birr and says it will start producing Ethiopian-made bikes within a year.
It recently started importing the zero carbon-emission bicycles from China and has sold 100 in less than a month. “There is huge market demand, so we have decided to start assembling the bikes here. Meanwhile, we will expand our import volume,” said Wondwossen Mengistu, Nicon Chief Executive Officer.
The company recently held talks with the Ethiopian Environmental Protection Authority (EEPA), the World Bank, Ethiopian Transport and Communications Authority (ETCA) and Traffic Police.
Nicon used the talks to introduce its electric bicycle and explain its minimal environmental impact. “The product shall contribute to the various efforts undertaken to solve the transportation problem, which is evident and of great concern in major cities of the country, especially Addis,” said Wondwossen.
The electric bicycle can carry a load of 150 kg and can travel 80 kilometres at 35 kph, once it has been charged for four hours.