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Premier League side Harar Brewery’s next year existence in doubt Ethiopia Football Federation is not yet put in black and white what counter action to take in such incidents. What side may replace if the worst comes to Harar Brewery? Relegated Adama Town or National League third place Lideta Nyala? The only side to represent Eastern Region for the last eight seasons Harar Brewery was to walk out of the Premier League at the start of the season had it not been for Ethiopian Football Federation’s executive body’s effort to convince the new owners, the Dutch based brewery conglomerate Heineken international  to stay on board for just one season? It is said that in principle Heineken does not sponsor a team rather supporting the sport at national level. Thus, the conglomerate is hardly in a position to finance the club. The Brewery last season was said to give away a15 million Birr annual budget along with the club and Dire Dawa Town the ideal side to exploit the situation. However the side stayed the current season with head coach Samson Ayele in the hot seat and the club saved from relegation. Two matches to go Harar Brewery is 14th in the table with 22 points and the two sides Adama Town and Water Sport already relegated while Wolaita Ditcha and Dashen Brewery newly promoted to the upper tier. The potential problem is that of Harar Brewery’s survival as a Premier League side if Heineken decide to stick to its regulation. If Harar goes out of the picture who is to replace it at the upper tier? What is the Federation’s bible says about it? Is Adama Town 13th in the table and already relegated to survive or Lideta Nyala third place in the National League season jump in to the void? It would better to make the situation clear earlier so that no one doubts some favoritism. Even now, better late than never might be the best way out.