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Addis Ababa city Administration collected 10.6 billion birr in the last 11 month out of the planned 14.2 billion.

Meanwhile, the budget proposal by City Administration states that compared to the last fiscal year, it has shown an increase of 2.6 billion birr.
Kuma Demeksa, the outgoing Mayor of the city, who has now been appointed Policy Study and Research Advisor to the Prime Minister, with a portfolio of a minister presented his 2012/13 budget year performance report this week.
Addis Ababa City Administration in its budget report asserted that the city’s budget has grown by 32 percent in the last five years and it has utilized 40 billion birr during those years.
The council that has already approved the coming fiscal year’s budget of over 20 billion birr, expects to collect the estimated amount through tax collection, nontax collection, government offices and through funds among others. Next year’s budget has increased by 26.6 percent 
City Administration plans to collect over 14 billion birr from tax collection, over 2 billion from non-tax revenue, over 1 billion from government offices and over 39 million birr from different funds.
Out of the 20 billion plus birr of the city’s next year budget, some 6.8 billion is targeted for regular budget, over 12 billion for capital budget and over 1 million birr is set aside for contingency in order to finance institutions who require more money than they intended in their original budget.
Addis Abeba City Roads Authority (AACRA) claimed the largest share, amounting to 3.75 billion birr out of the 14.8 billion birr budget allocated to the 77 sectoral institutions.
In order to meet the increasing demand of government institutions, the city plans to increase its revenues to 24 billion, in 2014/15, and 30.5 billion by 2015/16, according to the midterm expenses framework.